Yanagi Akane
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General Information
English Name
Akane Yanagi
Yanagi Akane
柳 明音
Hair color
Purple-pink with black underneath
Eye Color
Other Information
December 28
Blood Type
Voice Actor
First Appearance
Chapter 44

Yanagi Akane (柳 明音 Yanagi Akane) is a 3rd year at Katagiri High School, and a member of Hori and Miyamura's regular group of friends. He is enrolled in class 3-6.


He is an incredibly good looking guy, to the point where he is much better looking than any other character in the series. His face is said to be very similar to the (fictional) female idol Asami. He has pink hair and used to wear glasses, since he is very near-sighted, so much to the point that he can't recognize faces (he once confused Toru with a statue), but he broke them, and complains that it's too much work to get new ones. He can't wear contacts, since they fall out.


Yanagi is gentle and mild mannered. He never wants to rub anyone the wrong way. However, due to his rather reserved personality, he is sometimes seen as being unpersonable, and therefore wants to be closer to everyone. He also speaks in a very polite manner to the other characters, furthering this appearance of being distant. But beneath all of that, he wants to be friends with everyone, and goes to great lengths to try being on good terms with them, especially Sengoku.

He is very bad with mornings, and as he's still waking up and half-asleep, his personality is the complete opposite. He becomes extremely rude and violent - so much that other characters jokingly wonder if he has a split personality.

Plot Edit

Yanagi puts a love letter in Yoshikawa locker.

Relationships Edit

Yoshikawa Yuki Edit

Yanagi's first appearance was when he confessed to Yoshikawa. Yoshikawa, believing him to be too good for her, rejected him. (He gains the nickname of "high class ingredients", in reference to how much better looking he is compared to the rest of the characters.) Eventually, he becomes a regular member of Hori and Miyamura's circle of friends. Though not usually mentioned, it is occasionally touched upon that Yanagi still has some lingering feelings for her.

Yoshikawa Miki Edit

After Yanagi visits the Yoshikawa house, Miki believes Yanagi to be Yuki's boyfriend. Going by the logic of "what's Yuki's is also mine", she also playfully teases him when she sees him. Yanagi is forced to put up with Miki clinging to him, which Yuki always has to apologize for the next day.

Sengoku Kakeru Edit

Out of all of the characters, Yanagi wants to be friends the most with Sengoku (and Sengoku with Yanagi). However, due to Sengoku's lack of expressiveness about his emotions/friendships, along with the way Yanagi feels distant towards others, this is an uphill battle. Both of them admit that they feel the other is their friend, and that they want to be closer, but they haven't been able to reveal it to each other yet.

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