Honoka Sawa
Sawa Honoka
General Information
English Name
Honoka Sawa
Sawada Honoka
沢田 ほのか
Hair color
Eye Color
Other Information
December 31
Blood Type
Voice Actor
Keiko Imouto
First Appearance
Chapter 29

Sawada Honoka is of the side characters that makes an appearance in chapter 29. She is first seen stalking Miyamura, causing many people, including Hori, to assume she has a crush on Miyamura. However, it is revealed that the person she has a crush on is Hori.

Appearance Edit

Sawada is mostly seen in her school uniform with her shirt tucked in her skirt. She is noted by Miyamura to look very much like Hori. Her noticeable features are her long black hair, short stature and a mole under her right eye. When walking with Hori and Miyamura, she is about a head shorter than Miyamura. She is as a considered beautiful and cute young girl.

Background Edit

She is very clingy towards Hori and often gets angry when Hori is together with Miyamura, choosing to push him away. She views Miyamura as a love rival, but also as some sort of brotherly figure. She was very close to her older brother who passed away some years ago. She also appears to have mild androphobia, often freezing up, running away or hiding when approached by men. However ever since she got to know Miyamura, she would hide behind him instead whenever a male approaches her.  

Plot Edit



Hori Kyouko Edit

Sawada is in love with Hori, and as a result always clings to her or hugs her when she sees her. She is very clingy with Hori, contrary to how Ishikawa acted around her before (embarassed) and how Miyamura was with her before they were in a relationship (unaware of his feelings). She may be in love with Hori since she is not good with dealing with men/boys, Miyamura being an exception. Her brother, who she was really close to, passed away. After this, Honoka seems to avoid anyone male.

Miyamura Izumi Edit


They are neighbors and she views Miyamura as a love rival and also as some sort of brotherly figure. She was very close to her older brother who passed away some years ago and Miyamura reminds her of him because of his caring nature. She often hides behind him when approached by a male as she is very bad at dealing with men. While often at heads with each other, she is comfortable being in his company despite him being a guy and he genuinely cares for her though he would never admit it. She often climbs onto the balcony of his room at odd hours of the night looking for his company much to his annoyance. Once when Sengoku was over at Miyamura's place for a sleepover, he got a huge fright when he saw her pressed against the glass door of Miyamura's balcony as she peeked into his room. He helps her make more male friends as he introduces to his friends including Tooru, Sengoku, Akane, Shuu, and Tanihara (this appears in the webcomic).