Miyamura Iori is the mother of Miyamura Izumi and the wife of Miyamura Naozumi.

Appearance Edit

Miyamura Iori
Miyamura Iori
General Information
English Name
Iori Miyamura
Miyamura Iori
Hair color
Other Information
Owner and manager of the Miyamura family's store
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Iori is a beautiful woman with long black hair in a ponytail and dark eyes. When she was younger, she had short hair. She is described as being "what her son would look like if he cross-dressed" by Hori Kyouko.

Personality Edit

Iori is kind and gentle towards everyone except for Izumi, whom she is strict to. As the owner and manager of the Miyamura family's store, Cake Shop Iori, she is especially strict with Izumi when it comes to work, often forcing him to help out at the store. However, she is very kind towards Izumi's friends, as she give them cake and allows Shindou to stay over almost any time he asks.

Plot Edit

In the books, Iori is Izumi's mother - that's about it. She does not have a huge impact on the plot but she does reveal what Izumi's relationship to his parents is like;this relationship is similar to the one held between Izumi and Shindou.

Relationships Edit

Miyamura Naozumi  Edit

Iori and Naozumi are happily married. In their youth, they were friends who lived close by to each other. Iori gave Naozumi a bead ring that she made, which became a symbol of their relationship. Before they started dating, she was worried that she was too childish, while Naozumi had lots of female friends who looked much more mature. However, that was mostly one-sided affection towards Naozumi, so she had nothing to worry about.

Miyamura Izumi  Edit

Iori is very strict with Izumi. She often forces him to do the things she doesn't want to do, like sweeping outside the store on cold days, and making him house sit if she goes out. She also acted as his disciplinarian, scolding him for doing things like making pen towers or ripping up too much paper. However, she does not scold him for getting ear piercings in middle school; she only complains that "does [he] really have to get [his] pillow dirty?"