Hori Edit

Hori (her first name is Kyouko) is the female protagonist of the manga. She has dyed brown hair and brown eyes, and at school, she wears make-up so all of her friends don't know what she looks like without it. Though she's very popular, she never hangs out because she is always taking care of her younger brother (Souta) and their parents are constantly working. Around her father, she resorts to violence quickly but doesn't seem to purely hate him. She always forces someone to watch horror movies with her and Miyamura believes she's a total sadist.

Miyamura Edit

Miyamura (his fist name is Izumi) is the male protagonist of the manga. He has long, black hair and dazzling blue eyes. He has 9 piercings in all, and covers them with his long hair and his tattoos are covered by his winter uniform. He's a total airhead and doesn't like standing out. At school, his classmates assume he's an extreme otaku and he's somehow shady, though Hori learns that isn't true. Later in the manga, he cuts his hair and gains attention from all those who didn't talk to him before. And, he's 48kg.