Chika Ichijou
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Chika Ichijou
Ichijou Chika
一条 千佳
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September 26
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Chika is a 3rd year at Yasaka High School and Kouichi's girlfriend..


She has black hair that she wears in 2 ponytails. She has bangs that have white highlights.


Chika tends to be quiet and subdued, especially around people she's not familiar with. Usually content to wait in the background while Shindou's talking with his friends, she only usually interacts with his closest friends, like Miyamura and Tanihara. She's a big eater, usually eating 2-3 people's worth, and able to eat odd combinations of food with no problem, like natto with cheese.

Plot Edit

Miyamura helps Chika to walk due to her leg being twisted.

Relationships Edit

Kouichi Shindou Edit

Shindou and her began dating, after Shindou confessed to her and she immediately responded with Ok. Chika seems unphased by all the other girls that flock around Shindou, and has no problem with them giving him chocolate for Valentines or him giving them graduation gifts. Due to Shindou being one year behind her, during graduation, she promises to wait 1 year for him. Their relationship is not approved of by her parents, as they think Shindou, who had to repeat his second year, is not an appropriate person for her. The way she treats Shindou now has been heavily influenced by Miyamura, which is now much more forceful. Instead of asking Shindou to stop smoking, she now slaps the cigarette out of his mouth, and, along with Miyamura, they force Shindou to participate to eat cheese in an attempt to get him over his aversion to it.

Izumi Miyamura Edit

Chika and Miyamura are also good friends. Most of their conversations are about Shindou. Miyamura has managed to convince Chika that Shindou is actually a huge masochist, which leads Chika to act more violently towards Shindou, thinking that is what would make him happy. Miyamura may not know what Chika's last name is, as he always calls her "Chika-chan".

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