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They Just Don't Make Sense
Chapter 65
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They Just Don't Make Any Sense, is the 65th chapter of the Horimiya series

Characters Edit


The winter break is over, and the new terms starts while Yoshikawa is desperately copying down Ishikawa's homework. Hori asks Miyamura if he finished his, and he says yes pulling it out to show her, but accidently hits Hori with his elbow. He apologizes, asking if her ribs are okay, but Hori becomes shocked because he hit her chest, not her ribs.

In the student council room, Hori glares at Yuki who is talking to Sakura and Remi. Jealously, Hori starts to grob Yuki's chest to measure the size of her breasts. She also gets angry over the size of Sakura's.

Meanwhile, Ishikawa, Sengoku, and Iura are outside the room waiting for the girls' conversation to be done. Miyamura tries to defend Hori's chest claiming that they are close to non-existent, but not completely. And they start comparing hers to other people's. Soon after they start fighting; Miyamura defending Hori, Ishikawa defending Yuki, and Sengoku defending Remi. Becuase of the noise, the girls in the room notice and try to eavedrop on their conversation, but unable to understand what they are talking about, coming to a conclusion that guys just dont make any sense. 

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