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Page 3
Chapter 3
Japanese Title
Page 3
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Miyamura Izumi

Ishikawa Toru

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Page 3 is the 3rd chapter of the Horimiya series.

Characters Edit


Yuki and Toru talk about how Miyamura and Hori have been close lately. One of Hori's classmate asks for her notes, so she leaves Miyamura and Toru surprises him by talking to him about how Hori is popular. Toru asks if he and Hori are dating, but Miyamura declines that and Toru says of course because you two live in two different worlds. Miyamura notices how Toru like Hori, and as they were talking about that, one of their classmates intruded and said if they are going to skip P.E. When they change in the changing room, Toru asks why he wears so many clothes in the summer. Miyamura couldnt make an excuse, so he unzips and shows him his tatoos. He also eralizes he has a bunch of piercings. They go up to the roof, and Toru confirms that he and Hori are just friends, and tells him that he is going to confess to Hori. 

Yuki gets angry at Toru for skipping P.E and leacing all the work to her. Hori talks to Miyamura about how it is rare for them to be together, but he avoids her, and Hori is worried if she had done anything wrong with Toru glaring at him. Toru asks Hori if she has time after school, and she said no, but Miyamura tells her that he can go pick up Souta, so she should go with Toru afterschool. 

Afterschool, Toru confesses to Hori. At hori's house Souta asks when her onee-chan is coming back. Miyamura answers I dont know, and wonders that if Toru becomes Hori's boyfriend, he will just become a hindrance. When Hori comes back home, she talks to Miyamura alone. Miyamura thinks he will be ask to not come by her house anymore, but is shocked when Hori something else. Hori heard from Toru that she and him didnt fit, and was all depressed. Miyamura said that because he is all shady and plain, so it will ruin her reputation and bring her trouble. Hori listening to him gets angry because she doesnt care about her reputaion. Hori hits Miyamura and says if he doesnt come anymore, who will wake her up when she falls asleep or there will be too much food.

Hori and Miyamura talk about Toru, and Hori said she rejected him. Back in school Miyamura sees Toru with his red eyes from crying, and now Miyamura has a male friend. 


  • "Hori-san's so bright, and she's so nice to everyone; so I knew there would be a lot of guys after her, but...I wasn't expecting him" - Miyamura Izumi (talking about Ishikawa Toru)

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