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Page 2 is the 2nd chapter of Horimiya.

Page 2
Chapter 2
Japanese Title
Page 2
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Hori Kyouko

Miyamura Izumi

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Characters Edit


This chapter starts off with the introduction of Miyamura Izumi and Hori Kyouko. Miyamura, at Hori's house, starts to complain to Hori while she is cooking about how everything will show during swimming classes. Hori is shocked to see Miyamura tattoos all over his body as she drops the whisk.  

The scene switches to the school, and Hori with her friends are dying of the heat and they wonder why Miyamura always wears the same uniform (winter) thinking he is sensitive to the cold, but Hori knows it's because of the tattoos and feels sorry for him. One of her

friends invites them to go eat icecream at a new icecream place that opened which Hori didn't know of.  

Miyamura, sweating like crazy remembers that Hori was going to go to the icecream place, when he sees Souta being bullied. Souta runs to him introducing him as his oni-chan to Okuyama Yuuna. Miyamura brings Souta home and explained the situation to Hori. Souta received a book from Miyamura on the way home, and Hori noticed that Miyamura bought a

lot of things for him. Miyamura thought that Hori went to the icecream parlor with her friends instead of shopping, and he asked why. Hori answered "Like I could. I've got things I need to do at home." She also thanked him for taking care of Souta because it's rare for Souta to take attachment onto someone since their parents were rarely home and he relied on his One-chan.  

After Hori is done putting the food away, she sits down and asks where her juice is. Miyamura didn't buy any for her, so he offered his latte to her. Hori drank it disgustingly because she doesn't like latte. She leaves to change her clothes, and she gets embarrassed of the indirect kiss. Hori checks out the the new icecream place when Yuki calls her name. Hori tries to hide immediately and when Yuki leaves she feels lonely because she can't hang out with her friends. While she comes back to her house, she was greeted by Miyamura handing a gift to Hori saying it is for her because he knows she works hard. Hori touches the display rings at her desk while smiling happily, until she leaves to make dinner for Souta. 


  • "Miyamura...sometimes I can't tell if you're really incredible or just an idiot..." - Hori Kyouko (to Miyamura Izumi)
  • "They say that when a girl smiles, she sparkles like a flower." - Miyamura Izumi (to Okuyama Yuuna)
  • "I know how hard you've been working. I really do." -Miyamura Izumi (to Hori Kyouko)

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